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    2020-06-26 13:00:50| 河北中公教育



    When television first began to expand, very few of the people who had become famous as radio commentators were equally effective on television. Some of the 1 they experienced when they were trying to 2 themselves to the new medium were technical. When working 3 radio, for example, they had become 4 to seeing on 5 of the listener. This 6 of seeing for others means that the 7 has to be very good at talking. 8 all, he has to be able to 9 a continuous sequence of visual images which 10 meaning to the sounds which the listener hears. In the 11 of television, however, the commentator sees 12 with the viewer. His role, therefore, is 13 different. He is there to make 14 that the viewer does not 15 some points of interest, to help him 16 on particular things, and to 17 the images on the television screen. 18 his radio colleague, he must know the 19 of silence and how to use it at those moments 20 the pictures speaks for themselves.

    1. A. difficulties B. successes C. sufferings D. incidents

    2. A. turn B. adapt C. alter D. modify

    3. A. on B. at C. with D. behind

    4. A. experienced B. determined C. established D. accustomed

    5. A. account B. side C. point D. behalf

    6. A. efficiency B. technology C. art D. performance

    7. A. commentator B. TV viewer C. speaker D. author

    8. A. Of B. For C. Above D. In

    9. A. inspire B. create C. cause D. perceive

    10. A. add B. apply C. affect D. reflect

    11. A. occasion B. event C. fact D. case

    12. A. something B. nothing C. everything D. anything

    13. A. equally B. completely C. initially D. hardly

    14. A. definite B. possible C. sure D. clear

    15. A. lose B. deprive C. relieve D. miss

    16. A. focus B. attend C. follow D. insist

    17. A. exhibit B. demonstrate C. expose D. interpret

    18. A. Like B. Unlike C. As D. For

    19. A. purpose B. goal C. value D. intention

    20. A. if B. when C. which D. as

    1. 【答案】A. difficulties



    2. 【答案】 B. adapt

    【解析】本題測試結構型詞義搭配。adapt oneself to sth. 使……適應于:When you go to a foreign country, you should adapt yourself to new manners and customs.

    turn to 求助于 :You can turn to him for help when you are in trouble. (你有困難時可以求助于他)

    alter (部分的)改變,修改:Have you altered your mind? (你是否已改變主意?)

    modify (稍稍)修改,變更:You have to modify the plan if necessary. 此外,modify 還可以作“修飾”解,如:Adverbs modify verbs. (副詞修飾動詞。)

    3.【答案】A. on

    【解析】本題測試慣用搭配。on radio 用無線電,經過廣播(強調行為手段):The concert is broadcast on radio. on radio 在涵義上相當于 by radio, 例如,We can listen to music broadcast by radio. 此外,還有on the radio 意為:“經過廣播,無線電廣播中”,例如:1) I listen to the music on the radio. 2) There was good music on the radio last night.

    at, with, behind 與 radio 不能構成慣用搭配,而且從上下文意思上看也不符合題意。

    1. 【答案】D. accustomed

    【解析】本題測試詞義搭配。be(或 become ,get ) accustomed to sth. or to doing sth.習慣于:You will soon get accustomed to the climate here. (你會很快習慣這里的氣候的。)從上下文的邏輯意思和語法結構上看,experienced, determined, established 均不切題。

    5.【答案】D. behalf

    【解析】本題測試慣用搭配。on behalf of 代表,為了。 on account of 由于on the side of 在…. 一邊be on the point of doing sth. 剛要做某事。

    6. 【答案】C. art

    【解析】本題測試詞義搭配。art 技能,本領:the art of seeing for others 意為:“這種替別人看實況的技能”。technology 技術,performance 演出,節目,執行,完成efficiency 效率,均不符合題意。

    7.【答案】A. commentator




    【解析】本題測試慣用搭配。above all (= most important) 重要的。 in all 總共:There are thirty students in all in the class. for all 是復合介詞,意為“盡管”。


    【解析】本題測試詞義搭配。create 創立,創建:1)They are struggling to create a new social order. 2) That would create a wrong impression. (那樣會造成錯誤的印象) cause 引起inspire 鼓舞perceive 認識到,察覺到。



    【解析】本題測試詞義搭配。add ….to 把…… 加到….. which add meaning to the sounds which the listener hears 意為“這些圖像使得觀眾聽到的聲音具有一定的意義”,即“聽眾聽到了解說員用聲音介紹的實況內容”。


    【解析】本題測試慣用搭配。in the case of 就……而言。注意 in the case of 和 in case of 在涵義和用法上的區別:in case of 萬一發生…..。 in the event of(=in case of )如果發生。occasion 不能與in 搭配,但是可以與on 搭配,如:on the occasion of 在…..場合,值…..之際:He gave me a present on the occasion of my birthday.

    12. 【答案】C. everything


    本句譯為:然而,就電視而言 ,解說員與電視觀眾都能看到全部圖像。

    13.【答案】B. completely

    【解析】本題測試詞義搭配。completely different 完全不同。 equally, hardly, initially (起初,最初)均不符合題意。

    14.【答案】C. sure

    【解析】本題測試詞義搭配。make sure 查明,弄確實后可接 of 或 about, 也可接從句,例如:1)Please make sure of the date of the next meeting.(請確定下次會議的時間。) 2)Please make sure that the house is locked properly.(一定要把房門鎖好。)


    【解析】本題測試詞義搭配。miss vt. 錯過。


    16.【答案】A. focus

    【解析】本題測試詞義搭配。focus on 注視,集中。insist on 堅持(某種意見或看法)attend on 照顧,伺候:Two nurses attended on the patient. follow vt.后面不能接 on ,意為“跟隨”。


    【解析】本題測試詞義搭配。interpret 解釋,說明:How can I interpret this behavior? exhibit 展覽,展示demonstrate vt. 演示,顯示,表演expose vt. 暴露。

    18.【答案】B. unlike

    【解析】本題測試詞義型結構搭配。unlike 不像……, 和…….不同。從上下文邏輯意思來看,本句是講電視實況解說員與無線電實況解說員轉播方式不同,他按照電視圖像進行講解?梢,只能選擇 unlike.

    19. 【答案】C. value

    【解析】本題測試詞義搭配。value 價值,有用性。電視實況解說員在圖像很清楚時,就不再作解釋。這時“沉默”就起了微妙的作用,讓觀眾自己去欣賞,體會和評論?梢,此處只能選 value. purpose (目的),goal(目標)和intention(意圖,意向)均不符合題意。

    20.【答案】B. when

    【解析】本題測試邏輯搭配。句中when 引導定語從句,修飾先行詞 moments, 意為“在圖像本身一目了然的時候”。








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